I am planning to do a postgraduate fellowship in Dermatovenereolgy (in English) at LSMU and would like to apply for medical license. Kindly provide me with the detailed information.


Health care professionals, who want to obtain the licence, have to fill in the application form (https://www.vaspvt.gov.lt/node/76 - Paraiška išduoti medicinos praktikos licenciją) and attach the following document:

  1. Passport or identification card of the Citizen of Lithuania or residence and work permit:
  2. Document, which confirms that health care specialist has enough knowledge of Lithuanian – http://www.upc.smm.lt (Email info@upc.smm.lt);
  3. Medicine diploma issued by institution of higher education and (if diploma was obtained not in Lithuania) its recognition by Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education – http://www.skvc.lt;
  4. Formal qualification certificate and (if qualification certificate was obtained not in Lithuania) its recognition by the State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health of Republic of Lithuania – Contact – Specialist licensing division chief specialist Dalia Jelinskienė tel. (8 5) 261 5147, Email vaspvt@vaspvt.gov.lt;
  5. Health certificate issued in last 3 months period;
  6. If 2 years passed after obtaining the formal qualification certificate:
    • documents, which evidence enough term (three of the last five years) of his legal practice (with document, which prove his right to practice in Country of Origin (this document must be issued in last 12 months period)),
    • documents, which confirm that health care specialist polished up his Professional knowledge and skills every other five years (120 hours).





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