Issue of Certificates in Accordance with the Directive 2005/36/EC and Certificates of Good Standing when qualification is acquired in Lithuania


Issue of Certificates in Accordance with the Directive 2005/36/EC and Certificates of Good Standing for persons who their healthcare professional qualifications acquired in Lithuania


Legal act regulating the recognition of professional qualifications:

Description of the procedure for the issue of certificates to persons pursuing a regulated profession in the Member States of the European Union, the States of the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation




The applicant or his/ her authorized representative shall submit to Agency an application in the prescribed form and the specified documents personally, by post (address: A.Juozapavičiaus g. 9, LT-09311, Vilnius) or by email


Agency shall issue the Certificates in accordance with the Directive 2005/36/EC and Certificates of good standing no later than within one month from the date of receipt of all submitted documents. 

Agency shall notify the applicant of its decision in writing (or if a person so requests, he/she may pick up the decision in person).


The service is provided free of charge.


Required documents


The following documents shall be submitted:

  1. a document proving the nationality of the person;
  2. a document attesting the change of the name and/or surname (if it was changed);
  3. an evidence of formal qualification (diploma, certificate of internship, certificate of residency, certificate of professional qualification);
  4. a document certifying that persion effectively and lawfully has been engaged in the profession (doctor, dental practitioner, nurse, midwife) according the professional qualification for at least three consecutive years during the five years prior to the date of issue of this certificate if the document mentioned in point 3 was issued before 01/May/2004.

Application forms

  • Application form for the Certificate in accordance with the Directive 2005/36/EC and Certificate of good standing 

Attention! Certificate of good standing is valid for 3 months.

In order to reapply for Certificate of good standing, please, complete and submit to Agency

If you have any questions on the recognition of professional qualifications and on documentation, please, contact a Chief Specialist of the Specialist Licensing Division Dalia Jelinskienė by tel. (8 5) 261 5147 or e-mail:


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