Increased financing for accredited health care organizations


         Financial incentives for voluntary accreditation of family medicine services were recently introduced aiming for improvement of the quality of health care services and patient safety. The Minister of Health A. Veryga has recently signed a revised order “Concerning approval of schedule of procedures for organization and reimbursement of primary health care services and the list of primary health care services and basic rates” fixing extra financing for every enrolled patient to the primary health care facilities providing accredited family medicine services, since the 1st of January 2017. More.

Consolidated controls in hospitals revealed the need for changes


For the second year in a row State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (Accreditation agency) has been carrying out consolidated routine inspections of health care facilities. High-risk areas of health care services, especially concerning patient safety, have been addressed and inspected in 2016. Overall there were 26 health care facilities inspected in order to determine compliance with certain standards of secondary (hospital level) obstetrics, adult surgery and intensive care unit services. A number of violations have been detected and this situation reveals the need for local and systemic changes. Therefore Accreditation Agency is continuing implementation and development of this preventive activity in 2017. Accreditation Agency has already scheduled 30 consolidated routine inspections of healthcare providers for this calendar year. More.

Accreditation agency’s path to patient safety


       State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (Accreditation Agency) at 20th anniversary conference "Our way toward a patient safety“ has presented key results, essential changes achieved and future goals for improving effectiveness of our organization and serving society. More.

Rude violation of patients’ rights leads to loss of a licence


We are proud to have well qualified, dedicated and virtuous medical doctors, nurses, midwives and other health care professionals. Accreditation Agency is the national licensing body for health care professionals and carries out license verification and monitoring to ensure compliance with national licensing standards. Sometimes Accreditation Agency has to deal with unprofessional and disruptive behaviour by health care professionals. Gross violations of medical practice acts and patients‘ rights may lead to license restriction or loss of a license. More.

Accreditation Agency successfully represents Lithuania in international projects


        State Health Care Accreditation Agency under the Ministry of Health (hereinafter – Accreditation Agency) has an extensive experience with participation in international health technology assessment (HTA) projects and successfully keeps increasing competency in this field. Representing Lithuania in EUnetHTA projects provides opportunities for Accreditation Agency to gain valuable skills regarding HTA at European level and specific knowledge of methodology and develop international partnerships. More.



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